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About EDBN

The first of its kind is Ekiti Diaspora Business Network (EDBN) and first to be launched in UK to unify Ekiti Entrepreneurs and Professionals in EUROPE. This was formed in 2021 with a vision to bring together all Ekiti Entrepreneurs and Professionals with the view of sharing vital knowledge and tremendous skills, expertise and of course to work together towards making Ekiti State, Nigeria great again.


EDBN shall be grouped on a continental basis and there shall be:

* EDBN Europe

* EDBN America

* EDBN Asia

* EDBN Africa

The vast majority of Ekiti's living in Europe live in the United Kingdom, hence UK shall be it's headquarters.

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EDBN EUROPE will be European arm of a global network of  Ekiti's in Diaspora. Established in the year 2021 and registered in England and Wales in 2021 under the Companies Act, the organization’s Headquarters is in London from where it serves its European Countries.


Fajana Thomas and Ms Rachael E Oke are the founding patron of EDBN. and hope to pass this to others in future to continue the to sustain the vision of a  united EDBN.

to play a vital role in the stability and growth of EDBN

o unite and work for the continued growth of the Nigerian community. We will continue to embark on new programmes to make Canuk more relevant to the community.

We hope its membership will grow in a fast pace and we envisage it will soon embrace every Entrepreneur and Professionals in Europe
We invite your comments and welcome new ideas on how to improve the lot of our community in the UK and Nigeria. For any information or assistance please contact us.

Susan Fajana-Thomas

Rachael Ebunoluwa Oke


#Our Committees, Get Involved

We need more executive officers and members who can provide expert advice on specific matters of business, social, economic, technological and cultural initiatives in the developmental process of our homeland.

The executive team find it necessary to create national development and internal working committees to assist in the delivering of its mission and objectives.

Therefore, the organisation relies on its committees/members to develop policies, initiatives and recommendation that will help to move the organisation forward and also to provide the much needed solution in resolving Ekiti State development issues across all areas.

Each committee is chaired by a Head, and committee participation is open to all EDBN paid up members. The committees report directly to the Executive officers. Committees are established on an ongoing and sometimes temporary basis depending on the key needs and policies of the organization.

Bring your project to the table in any of the following areas for homeland development.

You can join any of our committee:

* Diaspora Day
* Health
* Education
* Youth
* Information Technology
* Finance
* SME Engagement*Welfare*AWARD Day


The committee listed above may be populated as needed with members coming from across the EDBN membership. The Committees is to report progress to the executive team at regular intervals.

For more information on the committees and how to be involved, please contact the General Secretary, Ms Rachael Oke on info@edbneurope.com



EDBN Europe welcome volunteers to the organization. We have many programs in place & will want to add volunteers who can bring fresh ideas, new skills and enthusiasm to our organization.

Our projects are open to all volunteers, and we work hard to tailor a volunteer program to individual skills and preferences. We do not require any specific skills but look for committed enthusiastic people who are willing to learn, contribute and immerse themselves in our projects.

We have a wide range of activities that volunteers can get involved with from practical field work to administrative, events, IT, Video production, photography, fundraising, etc.

Volunteering with us can give you the opportunity to enhance our organisation and the lives of people within the local communities, exchanging experience, knowledge and ideas, together with learning new skills.

We hope to form close friendships so you can continue to support us. We will ensure that as much as there is some hard work during your time here, there is a lot of fun and socializing too.

Please look through our website for details on specific projects that we are currently running. Regardless of your previous experience, there is flexibility in which project you can get involved with.

For more information on volunteer opportunities and how to get involved, please contact the General Secretary, Ms Rachael Oke on info@edbneurope.com



The central vision of EDBN EUROPE is to bring Ekiti Entrepreneurs and Professionals living in the United Kingdom together and to identify those willing to offer their skills (Education, Information Technology, Health, Economic, science, Administration, Law, Political and Corporate Governance, Management etc.) to assist Ekiti development.

EDBN EUROPE provides the unique opportunity for Ekiti Entrepreneurs and Professionals living in UK to learn to work and collaborate with one another in the task of nation building of our homeland.

We identified gaps and strongly believe that Ekiti Entrepreneurs and Professionals in Europe can make significant contributions towards Ekiti through programs, policies, and advocacy to harness their talents, expertise, and resources for Ekiti's development.


Governance and Structure

EDBN Europe at the moment is governed by a diverse 2 executive officers and two non  officials. The organisation is a limited liability company governed by the laws of England and Wales under the Companies Act.

The General House or The Assembly of full members shall be the supreme organ of the organisation and shall have the power to approve, rectify, and amend all or part of the decisions, operations, proposals, etc., of the executive officers.

All executive organs are answerable to the General House/The Assembly of full members. The General House shall generally operate on a simple majority principle.