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Executive Team

Current Executive

Susan Jumoke Fajana-Thomas

Chairperson (Email: chair@edbneurope.com)

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Susan Jumoke Fajana-Thomas has enjoyed a career spanning more than three decades in the public, first as a Television presenter and producer with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) over 30years ago. She is also community communication consultant, turned activist and politician which has seen her become a multi-platform speaker and communicator which has established herself as a prominent socio-political campaigner with over 20 years of experience. 

Over the years, Susan’s dedication to the community has evolved and her relentless campaigning has received both national and international recognitions. In 2012, one of her partnership projects was recognised by UK Home Office as an excellent model of youth engagement following the 2012 London riots.

Outspoken and challenging on the issues that many people seek to avoid. In the last 7 years, she has been raising mental health awareness and campaigning to remove barriers that are stopping BAME people from accessing mental health.

She was born and raised in Nigeria; she had a degree in Dramatic Arts- Film and Television Production from University of Ife Nigeria. She also studied at Hackney College and London School of Journalism.

She has mentored and supported other Africans to becoming activists and politicians both here in the UK and in Africa.

Susan Jumoke Fajana-Thomas has been highly active in the voluntary sector, providing practical assistance to organisations in her areas of expertise, which include facilitation of community engagement, communication and strengthening of governance and policies.

She has received numerous awards and accolades in recognition of her selfless contributions and commitment to diligence in service delivery.

She is one of the 100 outstanding British Nigerians recognised for their excellent contributions to both Nigeria and the UK.

She has been a recipient of the following Awards:

  • BEFFTA Community Leadership Award
  • The African Achievers Award
  • African Women In Europe Achievement Award
  • Gathering of Africans Best. (GAB) Awards recipient for promoting Africans positive image worldwide.

Susan Jumoke Fajana-Thomas has served in a variety of public offices with pride and distinction and making a huge impact worldwide in her influential roles as:

  • Member of Hackney Council
  • Former Civic Mayor of the Hackney Borough
  • Chair of African Achievers Awards
  • President of Nigerian Women in Diaspora (NWIDLF) 
  • Ambassador for Peace at Universal Peace Federation,
  • Coordinator of African Women in Diaspora (AWID)
  • Chair of Aldgate London chapter of the global women movement,
  • All Ladies League (ALL)
  • Chair of the board of trustees of Islington Refugee Forum and
  • Governor at Grasmere School.
  • Director at London Housing Consortium,
  • Goodwill Ambassador at Hungarian Trade and Cultural Centre.
  • Governor at Council of Governors at East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT),
  • Country director at Secure D Future International
  • Member of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI )
  • Member of board of trustees at Abney Park

……to mention a few.

In 2018 she was named in 100 Most Reputable Africans alongside three African Presidents.

Susan Jumoke Fajana-Thomas is the founder of SFT Foundation Trust and Lilac Lilly Image, both organisations are supporting families and helping to transform lives to build and develop better communities.

She is also a contributor to News Debate and participated in various current affairs programmes including on Arise News, Channels TV, BEN TV and YANGA! TV.

Rachael Ebunoluwa Oke

Vice Chairperson (Email: vicechair@edbneurope.com)

Ms. Rachael Ebunoluwa Oke, a selfless achiever is from Ado-Ekiti. She is a super creative dynamic highly organised self-starter and a hardworking individual. A successful Senior PMO and data analyst with over 15 years’ experience with strong IT Skills spanned over 25years. She is also a superb London based entrepreneur.

Ms Oke has great experience on working on various high-profile projects, delivering end to end management of projects and possess excellent planning, risk and issue management, stakeholder management skills, brilliant complex data analyst, deployment, and procurement skills.

Over the years, she has worked within a high security environment which requires a high level of trust at all levels and has travelled across the region in the effort to bringing about sub-regional development and worked with various organisations including the Public Sector, Private Sector, Central Government, Local Government, Logistics, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Information Technology, NHS – Healthcare Sector, Retail, Charity/Not for profit sector. E.g

  • Omolayo Junior School, Nigeria
  • Jay-Bee International School, Uganda
  • Pan African Movement Secretariat (PAM), Uganda (The Secretariat was funded by African Presidents)
  • Pan African Development Education Programme (PADEAP), Uganda Office
  • Akina Mama wa Afrika, Uganda
  • Pan African Women’s Liberation Organization (PAWLO).
  • Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation, Tanzania
  • Organisation of African Unity (OAU) then, Ethiopia
  • Pan African Development Education Programme (PADEAP), Nigeria Office
  • Pan African Development Education Programme (PADEAP), London Office
  • Justice Africa, London
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Uganda High Commission, London
  • UK Department of Health England,
  • NHS Strategic Health Authority, London
  • NHS South West London – Project on Mental Health with Dr Gabby Ivbijaro, London
  • National Society for the prevention of cruelty to children (NSPCC)
  • Royal Mail Group Headquarters – IT Business Transformation Department, London

 Ms Oke holds a degree in BA (Hons) from University of Kent, England and also an accredited member of Association of Project Managers Group (APMG). She also holds several qualifications in IT. She is a super graphic designer.

Ms Oke’s big highlights:

In Uganda, she worked selflessly with the Pan African Movement headquarters in Uganda for couple of years. She worked with various Ministers and senior officials in the Government of Uganda. She also worked with the Government of Tanzania on the Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation project. Ms Oke organised numerous conferences that saw over 1500 delegates attend on several occasions to attend conferences, seminars in Uganda.

After years of working on establishing harmonious relationships amongst local community and also assisted in ensuring good relations between Uganda and its immediate neighbours-Great lakes region, Ms Oke moved to UK and continued her career at the Uganda High Commission, London for 3years and again moved up to work at the Department of  Health UK.

At UK Department of Health, in 2008, she worked with the newly appointed NHS National Director for Improvement and Efficiency on a project to save NHS £20bn .

Previously as an IT deployment manager with the Royal Mail Group England for 6years, Ms Oke worked with the Business IT Transformation team and other great stakeholders on a multi-million pounds project to deliver technology change handheld Postal Digital Assistant (PDAs) and supported the recovery of £14m of lost revenue per annum through operational change. She helped in the build and deployment/rollout of 80,000 PDA devices including charging cradles, cabinets to store the PDAs, pouches, power leads, wi-fi equipment  throughout all the Royal mail estate that includes 2,500 Delivery Offices, Mail Centres and SPDOs. Ms Oke was not only acknowledged by senior officials and given accolades on several occasions, she was greatly acknowledge at RMG by high top officials and her name featured in the Royal Mail Group Business Programme success story.

With her great expertise in planning, she previously worked with the Uganda High Commission, London for 3years to organise the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2017 that brought 53 heads of government of the Commonwealth of Nations to Uganda in 2017 to consult, share experiences and deliberate on issues of pan-commonwealth and international significance. Her Majesty the Queen also was in attendance to open the summit in Uganda. Ms Oke was involved in all the planning including protocol service and other actives with the Office of the President of Uganda who had to visit UK on several occasions for prep meetings.

With her creativity, she launched her clothing line, REO LUXE and a printing firm called REO Luxe Prints and Blingz that specialises in personalised items.

With her late Mum being an Educationist herself, who owned Day Care Nurseries in 3 countries and a successful Primary and boarding school in Nigeria before her demise, recently, Ms Oke also stepped into the Education sector and established REO Educational Services. As an education agent, she helps people find the right university, college, school, or nursery in the UK and assist in applying for a course. Her team also provides advise on matters such as visas, accommodation, travel and more. Most specially to support the BAME community especially the Youths.

 As a passionate Nigerian, a British national, co-founder of EDBN and the UK liaison officer to the Senior special assistant on Diaspora affairs Ekiti Government appointed in 2021. Ms Oke is highly delighted to be part of the great committed team to move Ekiti forward and willing to use her knowledge and experience in technology to support EDBN in achieving its set out mission and objectives.


EDBN Europe welcome volunteers to the organization. We have many programs in place & will want to add volunteers who can bring fresh ideas, new skills and enthusiasm to our organization.

Our projects are open to all volunteers, and we work hard to tailor a volunteer program to individual skills and preferences. We do not require any specific skills but look for committed enthusiastic people who are willing to learn, contribute and immerse themselves in our projects.

We have a wide range of activities that volunteers can get involved with from practical field work to administrative, events, IT, Video production, photography, fundraising, etc.

Volunteering with us can give you the opportunity to enhance our organisation and the lives of people within the local communities, exchanging experience, knowledge and ideas, together with learning new skills.

We hope to form close friendships so you can continue to support us. We will ensure that as much as there is some hard work during your time here, there is a lot of fun and socializing too.

Please look through our website for details on specific projects that we are currently running. Regardless of your previous experience, there is flexibility in which project you can get involved with.

For more information on volunteer opportunities and how to get involved, please contact the General Secretary, Ms Rachael Oke on info@edbneurope.com