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Infrastructure and Industrial Development

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The advancement of Ekiti State’s economy is pivotal to wealth and job creation for the citizenry of the State. This is crucial and relevant to the Poverty Reduction and Revenue Enhancement .

In order to further advance an economic and industrial revolution in Ekiti State, and in furtherance of our commitment to job and wealth creation, we will revisit the commercial and technical viability of abandoned projects and schemes in the State with a view to reactivating them. These include our vast network of roads, our many community-based projects and our flagship tourism asset – Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort.

We shall also carefully take on new infrastructural projects that would be strategic in advancing economic growth and industrial development in the State.

In order to guarantee sustained operations of commerce and industrial enterprises within the State, the government is required to create a secure environment. An integrated network of security infrastructure would be put in place to ensure Ekiti is once again the safe and secure haven for local and foreign direct investments. This will enhance inflow of foreign and local investments into the State.